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Girls 101 vlogs are inspirational and fun! 

Come join the fun and see what makes Girls 101 so special!

What do you like about Girls 101?

A few of our students talk about why they enjoy Girls 101!

Vision Board


Keep your visions right in front of you!

Vision boards are a great way to put all of your dreams visually in front of you! The saying, "out of sight out of mind" does not apply here! Get creative, paint, draw or cut out images of things you like, places you want to see or things you want to achieve and paste them on the board! This tutorial shows you how!

Girls 101 Day Camp

Fun to be had and friendships to be made!

Girls 101 Day camps are a great way to keep the fun going year round! The Day camp includes a workshop/lesson plan of the day, hands-on activity, fellowship with other girls, yummy snacks and arts & crafts! Keep in touch on our social media for when we announce our next local get together!