Meet Holly


Hi there! I’m Holly Tumpkin, it's nice to meet you!

Many years ago, while raising 3 daughters, I wanted to design a unique girls program. A few dear friends of mine helped me make it happen. Our girls were all in school together at the time. The community of mentors we hoped to form, (which was all theory at first), ended up to be a success. The experience turned out to be so rich, that I want to spread it to other girls and moms of our city.

Having raised girls, (and having lived through parenting those teenage years), I know first-hand how hard it can be to raise them well in today’s culture. Yet I know it can be done. Countless amazing girls who have crossed my path prove it so. After 26 years of parenting and 15 years of meeting with loads of pre-teen, teen and college girls, I’ve become fascinated with the adventure of raising girls. From studying and researching current topics, to listening firsthand to girls themselves, I can’t get away from the desire to help girls navigate through the complex and sometimes confusing life issues of today.

We have created a very unique, safe and fun atmosphere for girls, and have seen the positive effect in their lives over time. Society's culture highlights girls’ insecurities, distorts their gifting and does little to encourage them in meaningful life goals. To combat this, we instead focus on teaching girls what it takes to live well, how to make healthy choices and lead purposeful lives.

Whether public, private or homeschooled, privileged or not as privileged, I have seen repetition of the same common issues, as well as recent new issues that are very complex.  Girls are girls wherever we go. Though girls may have different circumstances, we all share some common bonds that can be defined, encouraged and strengthened.

Also, after consistently hearing statistics of how high Oklahoma ranks in many difficult areas such as poverty, drugs, teen pregnancy, abuse and divorce, I decided to take something that I have seen work and offer it to the community at large. This is one little contribution, one piece of the puzzle, through which we hope to improve life for girls in our city.


We want girls in Oklahoma and everywhere to feel like they have a safe place to grow up.