What if girls in your school understood their unique design and how they can support each other instead of fight each other?

What if they could learn and hone skills that will make them more confident in themselves and among their peers?

Faith-based workshops cover the same subjects as character based, while incorporating Scripture into each subject. We dive into these subjects from the perspective of what the Bible teaches.

A few of the topics available:

-Identity and Influence
-Being and Choosing Good Friends
-Middle School Issues
-Mean Girls in the Bible
-Healthy Relationships
-Goals and Choices



What girls are saying...


"Girls 101 was an amazing way to grow closer to other girls while growing closer to God! I learned so much about becoming a woman of Christ and how to live that out in today’s world. I MISS IT SO MUCH!"

"I personally enjoyed coming to Girls 101 for many reasons, but particularly because I didn’t feel judged. I felt like I could completely be myself and just let go of every little problem I had experienced that week or that month, and enjoy quality time with my friends. Not to mention grow spiritually with them. If I could do it all over again I would! I couldn’t have asked for a better spiritual leader in high school."

"Girls 101 was great because it was a chance to get together with other girls who love the Lord and love to have fun! It’s a chance to encourage each other and also be mentored by women who have lived through what younger girls are going through right now. For anyone who is seeking a stronger relationship with the Lord and fun, solid friendship, girls club is the place to be!"