What if girls in your school felt strengthened and equipped relationally?

What if they could learn and hone skills that will make them more confident in themselves and among their peers?

What if, instead of drama, girls learned to get along?

Whether you are a school, a camp, a sports or dance team, where there are girls there are issues to sort out. Sometimes having a neutral person is needed to talk through sensitive issues effectively.

Workshops are fun and interactive, girls are listened to, heard and challenged. Friends are made and fun is had!

A few of the topics available-

-Identity and Influence
-Being a Good Friend and Choosing Good Friendships
-Middle School Issues
-Mean Girls
-Healthy Relationships
-Goals and Choices


What other girls had to say-

Amanda– "I was the new kid in 7th grade, coupled with the fact that I was so shy that I couldn’t talk to people that I didn’t know, led me to not knowing how to make friends. Girls club let me be with a smaller group of girls outside of a school setting and I was kinda able to get to know everyone. It made it a whole lot easier to become friends with them."

"I felt safe and loved here."


"It helped to get all the negative stuff out of me"


"I learned to be a better friend."


"I learned not to label people."


"I don’t want to be labeled."


"I learned I had power I didn’t know I had."


"I wish we could do this all year."