FAITH BASED workshops

Through community workshops and school programs located in Tulsa Oklahoma, Girls 101 provides a fun atmosphere for girls to talk through life issues such as identity, character, healthy friendships, boys, mean girls, manners and body image, as well as prayer and spiritual growth.

Girls need a safe place to be with other girls and women who care about them, where they can discuss, process and understand life together. When set in an environment of all girls, they are free to explore topics without distraction.

We talk. We listen. We interact. We make crafts. We play games. We talk about all subjects not always talked about. We hear issues of the heart. 


Together we explore and practice empowering solutions and skills for life. Along the way friends are made and fun is had. We’ve never had a group of girls that wanted the session to end. Atmospheres of schools are bettered, barriers are broken, friends are made. We ask questions and listen.We help girls think through issues themselves first, to discover options and answers, before we bring in teaching principles.

Self discovered knowledge is much more likely to remembered, ingested and applied. Though girls may have different circumstances, we all share some common bonds that can be defined, encouraged and strengthened.


Holly Tumpkin, Founder


Contact me if you have questions about possible meetings at your school, for a group of girls, or just moms! We love being flexible and meeting your unique needs.

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